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New Products For November

  • ROS L5 8xGE 2xSFP+ Desktop

    Scoop's “small sized, low cost” Cloud Router Switch, RB-CRS2102S+IN, by MikroTik RouterBOARD has eight Gigabit Ethernet ports and two SFP+ cages f[...]

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    Added on: 11/22/2014

    Price R2,495.00

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  • ROS L4 720Mhz 128MB 1xGE 1x5GHz 1xMPCIe

    Scoop's RB-NETMETALE by MikroTik RouterBOARD is equipped with a miniPCI-express slot, a SIM slot for 3G/4G device or additional wireless card, a high [...]

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    Added on: 11/22/2014

    Price R1,675.00

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  • 300Mbps Wireless Range extender 4xFE

    Scoop's W-A302 Wireless N300 Universal Range Extender by Tenda is specifically designed to extend the range of an existing wireless network and to imp[...]

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    Added on: 11/13/2014

    Price R225.00

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  • 24 Port (24 PoE)+ 2 Gig TP/SFP Web Smart

    With Scoop's FGSW-2620PVM, upgrading from traditional telephony, to an IP Telephony communications infrastructure becomes more reliable and cost effec[...]

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    Added on: 11/05/2014

    Price R4,195.00

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  • ROS L4 1xFE 1x2,4GHz Ceiling AP

    Scoop's RB-CAP2N, by MikroTik RouterBOARD is a 2.4GHz ceiling Access Point. Inconspicuously designed, it blends into the environment, perfect for the [...]

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    Added on: 10/29/2014

    Price R575.00

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  • 3G/4G 4dBi Desktop Antenna with SMA Male

    Scoop's ANT-4GD desktop antenna by RF Pro is designed for LTE/GSM/3G/WiFi wireless communications.[...]

    Quantity: 37

    Added on: 10/16/2014

    Price R110.00

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  • NanoBeam, Wall Mount Kit

    Use Scoop's optional NBE-WMK Wall Mount Kit by Ubiquiti, for enhanced stability when mounting the NanoBeam on a wall.[...]

    Quantity: 190

    Added on: 10/10/2014

    Price R25.00

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  • UVC Pro Mount

    Scoop's UVC-ProM, UniFi® Video Camera PRO Large Pole Mount, by Ubiquiti is a large pole-mount accessory that can accommodate poles up to 160 mm wide [...]

    Quantity: 10

    Added on: 10/10/2014

    Price R525.00

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  • UVC Pro Cable

    Scoop's UVC-PROC, UniFi® Video Camera PRO Cable Accessory, by Ubiquiti is designed for use with the UVC PRO. In addition to the convenient Res[...]

    Quantity: 20

    Added on: 10/10/2014

    Price R295.00

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